From September 26 to 28, the annual wine festival Wijn Festen Groesbek was hosted in a cosy Dutch town of Groesbeck located at 5-minute walk from the German border and drive of half an hourfrom the Belgian border. In addition to the successful geographic location, one of the main features and differences of this festival from all others is its family, home-like atmosphere. Importers, winemakers, catering workers, sommeliers from Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg come to this celebration of wine, food and music by removing their formal suits and loosened their ties. Nevertheless, just in such a relaxed holiday atmosphere major importers from Holland discovered a few years ago Spanish wines and Hungarian wines little-known at that time but which names are now known to everyone. Participation in this show as its member is a great opportunity for many novice wine companies. Therefore, this year ASPI Winery supported by the team of Azer HART ( has decided to bring Savalan wines to the festival in the Netherlands. The festival was opened by Groesbek mayor Mr H.W.G.G. Keereweer. Next to the Mayor the opening ceremony was attended by the mayors of other cities, as well as the representative of the King of the Netherlands in the province of Gelderland. ASPI Winery stand attracted the attention of visitors by diverse wine range, exotic national costumes of the girls of Azer HART and ECAF team who imbued with the festive atmosphere, smiling, greeted guests of the stand, inviting them to taste our wonderful wines. At the end of the exhibition Savalan wines were awarded the epithet ‘the pearl of Caucasus’ and a genuine interest of the guests of the event in our wine was so great that we could safely say that Europe is ready to receive Savalan wines with open arms! ASPI Winery expresses its deep gratitude to the staff of Azer HART and personally Mrs Leyla Babayeva for their invaluable assistance and full support in the implementation of this event!