About Us

Our company ASPI AGRO LLC was founded in 2007 by choosing to focus on growing grapes and producing high quality wines.

   Based on a vast experience of Italian experts, ASPI AGRO LLC revives the art of winemaking in the area with unique climatic conditions, where the art of wine-making was flourishing in ancient times – in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus, in the valley of Savalan. After a thorough analysis of soil and climate, conducted by Italian experts, vines for our vineyards were provided by Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo company, a world leader in the production of seedlings. As it was expected, due to daily care, careful vintage by hand, processing in a modern plant supplied by Della-Toffola firm, ageing of wine in the oak French barrels and continuous monitoring in the express-laboratory of the next generation, the traditions and craft of the Italian engineers were embodied in the delightful high-quality wines which we invite you to evaluate.

   A big contribution to the selection of seedlings was made by the director of Vivai Cooperativi Rauschedo Mr. Eugenio Sartori, who noted that production of the “Aspi Agro” LLC plant complies with the highest standards and quality of grapes grown and even surpasses the similar sorts in Europe. Our wines are produced under the guidance of highly qualified Italian engineers – Mr. Daniel D’Andrea and Ms. Eliza Vagnoni. Testing of wine is carried out by an expert from Europe, Mr. Ermanno Murari. Engraftment of international grape varieties, the recommendations of the famous Italian oenologists, the widespread introduction of modern techniques and technology, daring experiments with varietal composition, uncompromising dedication to quality are the key to a high level of our wines, and one can call wine-making the art.

   Our team of winemakers is a close-knit international group of like-minded people dedicated to their business and knowledgeable experts in the quality of real wine and grapes. Our company united and brought together two sunny and generous countries of Azerbaijan and Italy. In terms of wine, many aspects are based on the emotional relationship, ideological intimacy of wine-makers, because a wine-maker will not give his child, his excellent wine, into the wrong hands, but will always choose the people with whom he enjoyes working, in whom he sees the potential and the one who is capable of showing a real concern. That is exactly our team!