Today the “ASPI Agro” LLC – is a large winery with its own plant where the most advanced Italian technologies are used to create unique wines in the best traditions of Italian quality. Our factory is equipped with the latest equipment of Italian company – Della-Toffola.

The ASPI Winery lab is equipped with a unique Wine Analyzer WineScan FT 120. It allows to immediately define various wine parameters. Therefore it excludes the possibility of using the wrong raw material and low-quality product going to the consumer.

WineScan FT 120 is an ultra-exact machine for wine analysis. This machine was initially developed for blood tests. WineScan works without the chemicals and uses laser technology, which allows defining 24 parameters of wine or grape juice in a minute, with maximum accuracy. Therefore, during the harvest we can choose the best time of grape picking up to the minute, and constant fermentation control allows reaching the best balance of all wine components.

Of course, the main thing in the wine is grape, but many wines would not exist if there were not barrels made of tree – aging of wines in the oak barrels has been practiced since the time of the Roman Empire.

Storage in barrels allows solid particles settling to the bottom so that they could be easier removed. In addition, many wines aged in the oak barrels, get a fragrance that can turn an ordinary thing into a dainty one. We stick to the old traditions of aging wine in the oak barrels, enriching our young wine with a particular and unique aromas specific only to the oak. Our cellars meet all the rules of storage: minimum shaking, well-defined temperature, humidity and light, good ventilation, necessary microclimate, because only under these conditions, “the gift of the gods” can be stored without losing its remarkable properties.