Savalan wines are sold at the Azerbaijani trading house in Warsaw

Azerbaijan Trade House was opened in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, on December 06.

Azerbaijan Trade House will support the recognition of “Made in Azerbaijan” brand in Polish market, the impulse and extension of the export of the products of Azerbaijan, and will organize their sale in Warsaw.

The exhibition of different products of Azerbaijani companies, including ASPI AQRO, the producer of Savalan Wines was organized in the “Trade house”. There are about diverse types of wine products, including SAVALAN wines, many types of vodka,  tea, fruit juice, and other products, including vegetable oil, olive, nut, rice, fruits and vegetables, textile and cosmetic products, industrial products, tourism services manufactured and produced by Azerbaijani companies demonstrated at the exhibition, which will functioning permanently.

ASPI AQRO has been represented by the Executive Director Teymur Mammadov in the opening ceremony.