“Savalan” wine range was increased with the novelty product “Elisa Winemaker Reserve”, which was officially presented on March 6 in “Shur” Restaurant.

ASPI AGRO LLC was founded in 2007. It’s chosen the growing of grapes and the production of high-quality wines as its main direction, and it is 11 years old now. It’s reviving the art of winemaking in the place with unique climatic conditions, where the wine industry flourished in ancient times – at the foothills of the Greater Caucasus in the Savalan Valley.

The name of the “Savalan” wine, first of all, is the name of the abovementioned valley, where grapes are collected, wine is produced and bottled. Savalan – the most beautiful place of the region, the heart of the Gabala region.

“Savalan” wine brand is well-loved not only in Azerbaijan, but outside it. It has won many professional awards at various exhibitions and wine forums. Since March 2018 “Savalan” has expanded its wine range, adding a novelty product – “Elisa Winemaker Reserve” wine.

We should mention that the “Savalan” wines are produced under the leadership of highly skilled Italian technologists – Daniel D’Andrea and Eliza Vagnoni. The new product, which we will discuss in more details below, was named after Ms. Vagnoni.

Daniel D’Andrea and Eliza Vagnoni met in Gabala – the professional relations of the Italian technologists turned into friendly relations, and then love arose between them. The couple started a family and a beautiful daughter was born in this family recently. The romantic love story of the Italian couple, who met and fell in love in Azerbaijan, could not help but affect their work and the creation of the new wines. This is how the “Elisa Winemaker Reserve” appeared.

Presenting the wine novelty to the guests at “Shur” Restaurant Daniel D’Andrea emphasized that high quality is the main distinguishing feature of “Savalan” wines, and Eliza Vagnoni, speaking of “Elisa Winemaker Reserve” wine, noted that in its creation she was inspired by family traditions: “In the end, it turned out to be special wine for special days.”

“Elisa Winemaker Reserve” combines the following grape varieties: Chardonnay, Traminer, Muscat white, Muscat yellow. The vineyards are located in the Savalan Valley, 40 km from Gabala in the north-east of Azerbaijan. The degree of alcohol is 13.5%, the vinification is the following – fermented and aged in an oak barrel.

“Elisa Winemaker Reserve” is the notes of white and yellow fruits, light floral accents, surrounded by the flavour of vanilla and honey. The novelty product of “Savalan” goes perfectly with fish and white meat and is an excellent wine for meditation.

The first “Elisa Winemaker Reserve” was appreciated by the guests of the festive presentation of wine, the excellent taste of wine, its lightness and nobility.