The presentation of a gastronomic book by Chef Ayt Erdogan

The presentation of a gastronomic book by Chef Ayt Erdogan, well-known throughout the restaurant world of Holland and beyond, was held on February 12th. The wines of Savalan brand hold pride of place in this unique gastronomic manual for the chefs.

The most famous colleagues from the whole world bow to the culinary creations of the chef of Turkish origin. His tremendous talent of mixing the Ottoman-Mesopotamian cuisine with the classic French one heats the imagination of both the ordinary gourmet and the pickiest gurus. The chef cooks in Michelin-recommended restaurants for more than 20 years.

Ayt Erdogan says that one of the most important advantages of his success is the right selection of wines. After all, wine can not only emphasize the taste of the dish, but also significantly spoil it by weakening some tastes or vice versa strengthening the taste of one or another spice.

He unveiled the secret of his success for the entire gastronomic elite – he found a perfect balance in the wines of Savalan!

With the first glass, the chef and his sommelier-assistants were fascinated by a clean, refined and distinctly pronounced bouquet and a specific and precise taste. “There is nothing in excess, the wine says it all and complements itself. It is just as harmonious and classical as Yin-Yang.”

The chef confessed that for the first time in his life he made a menu, choosing it for wine, and not vice versa and extended his menu for a month, because it is more difficult to achieve such a taste composition than it seems.

The management of the ASPI AGRO Company were honoured guests at the presentation of the book of the European guru. The chef personally signed one copy, which will take an honourable place in the Savalan Museum, mentioning that he will definitely visit Gabala.