SAVALAN brand on the Mount Elbrus!

The SAVALAN brand has conquered another peak!

For the first time in history, the SAVALAN flag and our top Nobel wine were raised by the climber Rinat Ragimkhanov to the highest mountain peak in Russia and Europe, which is included in the collection of the highest peaks of seven continents. The very climb to it is considered a highly prestigious event that deserves attention and respect, both among ordinary people and in the mountaineering community. The climbers were worried that the wine in the bottle would not make it to the top. Many said: “It will explode” or “The bottle will not make it to the top” and so on. Overall, taking into account the fact that during the climb the bottle lying in the backpack was notably shaking – nothing happened at all!

In a nutshell, this fact is fascinating! Now, our wines are not only in the collection of the best restaurants in Europe, the Bordeaux Museum, but also in the most extreme places of the planet!

SAVALAN brand on the Mount Elbrus!


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