About Us

Our wines are produced under the guidance of highly qualified Italian engineers - Mr. Daniel D'Andrea and Ms. Eliza Vagnoni. Our team of winemakers is a close-knit international group of like-minded people dedicated to their business and knowledgeable experts in the quality of real wine and grapes. Our company united and brought together two sunny and generous countries of Azerbaijan and Italy.


The name of our wine is primarily the name of the place in which the grapes have been harvested, wine was produced and bottled - the most beautiful place in Gabala district of heart province, plain Savalan. There is also a legendary mountain, a magnificent natural monument, which protects the area from all winds and nicknamed by the people as a "sleeping beauty". We have made the mountain with the beauty of Gabala our symbol by placing it on our labels.


The idea to create your own distillates was a long time ago, but the opportunity to start production appeared only in 2016. With the support of two companies DELLA TOFFOLO and SORDATO, Italian companies working in the field of design and creation of integrated systems for the chemical and food industries, of which the most famous product groups : filtration equipment and equipment for primary winemaking, cubes - alambiki and continuous cycle apparatus - distillation columns were designed and installed.


Our company ASPI AGRO LLC was founded in 2007 by choosing to focus on growing grapes and producing high quality wines. Based on a vast experience of Italian experts, ASPI AGRO LLC revives the art of winemaking in the area with unique climatic conditions, where the art of wine-making was flourishing in ancient times - in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus, in the valley of Savalan.

Our Factory

Today the “ASPI Agro” LLC – is a large winery with its own plant where the most advanced Italian technologies are used to create unique wines in the best traditions of Italian quality. Our factory is equipped with the latest equipment of Italian company – Della-Toffola.



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